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Improve your teeth health and prevent cavities.

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Fluoride Treatment

Reduce the risk of cavities with fluoride treatment.

Meet Dr. Neelima Yerra

Why did you become a dentist and not a real doctor?

"I always get asked this question , and my answer is always the same , because I LOVE TEETH! Your smile is my passion! I believe it is one those rare medical fields where you can provide valuable health care services, and also bring about a magical change in someone’s life by creating healthy , beautiful and confident smiles !! I welcome you to your new dental home, where we worship our work , in a happy and fun loving environment!"

Veneers Specialist


Dr.Yerra is one of the few doctors in the area that can provide you with an excellent alternative to regular veneers which we would need shaving a little of your tooth structure, Dr.Yerra uses the BIOCLEAR MATRIX method to close gaps between teeth, black triangles between teeth or just create a new smile by camouflaging any existing stains or discoloration in the teeth.

Our Approach

We are carrying out not only treatments, we also diagnose your potential problems with the teeth to be sure you don't experience any distress.

The best helper in our approach is a well qualified dentist and highest medical technologies.

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General Dentistry

We thoroughly examine your mouth. Based on the examination we can choose Root Canal Therapy, Treating Gum Disease, Extractions for Kids and Adults, and Removal of Complete and Partial Dentures.

Sleep Apnea

We check for signs which my indicate the need for a through sleep test to help alleviate symptoms such as restless legs, fatigue, brain fog , snoring and for some patients high blood pressure, and improves all over health.


We do Composite and Porcelain Veneers. We us the BIOCLEAR MATRIX method to close gaps and black triangles between teeth. In some situation, minimal removal of tooth structure is needed to correct shape and size of teeth and provide an excellent makeover to one’s smile!

Cosmetic Treatments

We specialise in Teeth Whitening. We are very proud to provide you with zoom whitening services to get that perfect shade you are looking for!

Emergency Care

This dental service includes routine dental examinations or check-ups & oral health advice.

Restorative Treatments

Tooth Colored Filling, Crowns, Bridges, and Implants. We aim to bring back your natural smile and prevent future oral issues.


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